Wednesday, October 8, 2008

O.K.I have a ton cleaning, and other stuff to do, and it's raining, but I have a surprisingly positive outlook. I'm having a Premier Jewelry Party Thursday, and I've gotta think of something to fix ....any suggestions? I was thinking about making some pumpkin bread, and maybe some choc chip cheese ball...I don't know....ugh, decisions.
Anywho, so I took Alyssa to a Girl Scout meeting last night thinking it was an established troop, WRONG! They're trying to start a new troop. If we start this troop, we're gonna combine Daisies with the Brownie Girl Scouts which is K-4th or 5th grade, because there aren't enough girls to do just Daisies or just Brownie Girl Scouts. I hope they decide to do it, and of course they were asking all the parents last night who would want to be a leader....and we were all looking at each other like, not I. I told 'em I didn't mind to help, but I'm not committing myself to another thing. Which, if they do form the group I'll help out as much as I can, I just didn't want that title of being a Leader over my head.
Well, I'm gonna scoot for now. I may return later. In the meantime, if you all have any good, quick recipes please send them my way....Thank You!! Love ya.

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