Friday, March 6, 2009

MHR Friday!! Sweet!'s been a long time since I've posted. I sincerely apologize. Life has been busy. Anyways, I wanted to post while I was thinking about it, or another Friday will have come and gone and I will have missed yet another opportunity to tell the world about my loving, thoughtful husband. He's so great! I'm truly a blessed gal! O.k. for Valentines Day, when I awoke, and usually the first thing we probably all do....take a trip to the little girls room, I was surprised by a new shower curtain and decorative towel that my husband had been eyeing for me for quite sometime. He even had it hanging up and the old one put sweet! Then...just yesterday, after he had left for work, I went to my closet to get dressed, and he had stategically placed in my closet with a sweet little note (love you) a jacket that I had been wanting. He's so sweet and does little things like that quite often. I LOVE him, and thank God that he placed him in my life!

3 people said:

Ashley said...

That is so sweet and thoughtful!

What a wonderful guy you've got!

Thanks for sharing!


Daughter of the King said...

Kristi-you are blessed to have Bryan! I think he is very sweet and considerate and that is a great quality in a hubby!

Kristi said...

Thanks ya'll! I have been blessed!