Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's About Time!!!

I finally have found one meal that I can fix that my whole family can agree on. It's so simple. Chicken Salad. I make it from scratch, including boiling my own chicken. No can stuff. Although, you can use the chunk chicken to save time. Anyways, it was like music to my ears hearing both kids complementing the same meal. Usually, I can please one, but not the other. My recipe varies everytime I fix chicken salad, usually because I forget to add something, but here is the basic recipe. Everything I just add to taste.

Boiled chicken
celery (chopped)
red grapes (cut in half)
crushed pecans
Light Mayo
Light Miracle whip
squirt of lemon
salt and pepper

I just throw everything together, and mix equal parts mayo and miracle whip. If you don't like one or the other just omit the one you don't like. You can serve with crackers on wheat bread or an all time favorite is on crossiants. =o) Enjoy!!

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